Thursday, March 21, 2013

Want Motivation to Work Out? Discover how it Keeps your Brain Fit
Author: Jeremy Cotter, honors graduate of Duke University.

Credit: Mike Baird
We all know that exercise has health benefits, but did you know it has a direct impact on the performance of your brain?

You can start getting benefits by simply going on walks regularly. Researchers from the University of California at San Francisco studied 6,000 participants over a period of 8 years.  "In the higher-energy groups, we saw much less cognitive decline," said neurologist Kristine Yaffe, MD.   "We also found that for every extra mile walked per week there was a 13% less chance of cognitive decline,"....So you don't need to be running marathons."

Finally, even light or moderate exercisers cut their risk significantly for Alzheimer's and mental decline, according to Dr. Robert P. Friedland at the University Hospitals of Cleveland.

Furthermore, exercise can increase blood flow in the arterties of your brain by up to 25 percent, according to a study reported in 2008 in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Have you ever noticed that you're able to think more clearly after taking a walk or doing physical fitness? If so, tell us about it!

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  1. Loved this. There is so much research and education that needs to be done in this field. I love the relationship between the brain and other disciplines such as nutrition, meditation, and fitness among others. Would love to learn more, keep it up.